Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Computer Junkies

My son only uses these headphones occasionally.
In the last month my son has become addicted to the computer. It has made me consider my and my husband's computer use. My husband is wondering if a computer addiction might be genetic. I said probably since things like alcohol are. My son forgets basic necessities of life if the computer is on for too long, like using the toilet, eating food and drinking fluids. Once we make him turn off the computer he is always ravishingly thirsty. We decided we needed to set up limits. He is allowed to use it until I get up in the morning, that way I can sleep while the baby is sleeping, especially since J stopped taking naps. And he is allow to use it during that last tiresome hour before dad gets home for work. I swear the last hour before dad gets home, while I'm cooking dinner is the hardest part of the day. In other limits, I've decided its time to wean my son from sippy cups. He drinks fine from a normal cup its just easier from a sippy because he can take it other place then the table. I don't want him using sippies by the time N babe is using them. I could careless about cups with straws.

Around the time I realized J was getting addicted, I read this article about moms addicted to the Internet. I tried to self analyze myself from it. I already knew we all use the computer way too much. But in moderation its fine because, we don't have a TV to waste our minds on. There was a quiz, the only ones that I answered yes to, were checking my email, etc before eating breakfast, and spending more time on the Internet than I plan to. But I don't think either of those are a problem, I also read the newspaper before eating breakfast, I hate finding breakfast for myself. Plus I always spend more time, shopping, sewing, reading, etc than I plan to too. I just seem to think things should take less time than they do. Yes, I do blog a lot, but thats because its easier to type than write. I use to obsessively write in a journal in high school before blogs were mainstream. I don't really see a difference, I have volumes upon volumes of journals from middle school and high school. Journaling is how I digest life. I would be concerned about myself if I was spending lots time on Secondlife though. Virtual communities are just weird to me. I don't understand the idea behind creating a new life to escape the current. Sure I feel stress but pretending to have a different life doesn't seem so normal to me. Then again I only hear the horror stories about people who leave their families to run away with someone they met through things like that.
My internet limits are not using the computer to surf while my son is in the room. I only use it to look up things, or email someone I've been meaning to. I don't mean I'm hiding it from him, its when he is busy reading or playing in another room I have no problem with blogging for 20 minutes. We have also decided we aren't going to use the computer during the day on Sundays, unless we are doing church related things. I didn't want J playing games all Sunday, so my husband agreed to get on board to not surfing on Sunday. Except Sunday nights, I have no problem with watching a movie with my family on Sunday nights. Or surfing once the kids are asleep. The only problem with all these limits is it makes it difficult to do things like budget. My son doesn't understand the difference between computer work, and computer fun. Well he does when his dad is using the computer but not me.


  1. I too love blogging for journal purposes...I love love love my blog books. I actually am impressed at your boy playing on the computer! so smart!

  2. He is so cute. Since little has been shown intellectual ...