Friday, February 27, 2009

Three Thoughts

  1. I'm always amazed at how scared I can get to run an activity for girls ages 8-11. Today I had an activity, the other leader is out of town so it was just me. One girl showed up which is pretty normal, sometimes we have zero, other times we have three, mostly one. Anyway, I always get worried and stressed for nothing. Even though it was just me and her, she seemed to have a blast. Heck I gave her chocolate milk, and she got to hold my baby why wouldn't she have fun?
  2. I think I am absolutely so lucky. I have the best husband, and the cutest kids. I love them!
  3. I love when people comment on my blog, it makes me feel befriended. I get all my comments sent to my email, and its pretty much the only email I get other than netflix so its pretty exciting when I open the account and have three new messages.


  1. WE HAVE 15 ACHIEVEMENT DAYS GIRLS!! FIFTEEN!! I am so envious that you have so few. I hardly feel like I can get to know any of them because I'm constantly running between them all. Lately, I've been sitting down next to them for longer periods just to get to know them and I feel like I'm doing a better job as a leader that way. I feel bad they don't get more one-on-one attention.

  2. I love having my comments emailed to me!!!

  3. Our ADG are split into three groups, which makes 6 leaders! I don't know how many girls their are but my daughters group has about 6-8.
    I love that age. And they all love babies. Great time to have a babysitting clinic and teach them all how to change diapers and what to do in an emergency and stuff. My daughter loved this little class and thinks she should be able to babysit now.

  4. Hi Leslie, always love to read your Blog. You and your family are so cute, the Josh is very beautiful and I love it already without even the know. Natalie is growing very fast and is a beautiful girl ...