Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bathroom Rental

We got a new bathroom last week. It was in desperate need of a new one, not only did it look awful, it was leaking into the downstairs bathroom. Hopefully it will help the owner rent it out after we leave. I know I almost didn't rent it, because the bathroom was so old and yucky. Here are some before pictures.

That would be some hideous stenciling on the wall, and rust spots or something on the ceiling. I didn't document the cracked mildew wall in the shower, but if you ever have showered in my house, I'm sure you remember, the mold bubbles.
After: Enough said huh? So much better.

It was quite the process. Our house being 90 years old has curved walls. It was literally putting square pegs into round holes. It took two days instead of one to tile. They were really annoyed that it took so long, not at us just the project. Time is money.J was so excited when they finished. He went in, and said a new bathroom for me! A new little toilet (its the exact same toilet) for me, a new sink for me (the same as before), a new tub for me (the same as before), a new wall for me. And for his evening prayers that night, I said thank thee for, and he repeated thank thee for, then said, for a new bathroom, for new tiles, for new walls, for new toilet, for a new bathtub, for a new sink. He was very excited about the walls as the picture indicates.

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  1. We've gotta do that to our bathroom pretty soon.
    Coincidentally, I think we'll have the same color of tile!