Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Winds

It has been so windy the past two days. I didn't know it was windy when I plan to go to the store yesterday. I felt terrible once I realized that my newborn was in the wind. I was also worried, my parents tell me wind makes babies sick, I don't know, but it makes me worried. As we left the store, my son cried the whole way to the car because it was so windy. Today we went out again, the DVDs were due at the library. I thought wind only effected kids, apparently not, after a few minutes of being home I ended up in a terrible mood. My son asked me why it was so windy, I said I don't know because its march?
According to Joanne the yoga teacher its hard for us to feel grounded when it is very windy. The lion pose is a way to fight the windy feeling. I guess I should get to exercising. Apparently its normal for kids to act crazy or temperamental when its windy outside. How about for moms to act crazy or temperamental? We aren't leaving again until the wind stops. Or until I get cabin fever...


  1. It is alway windy here. ALWAYS. Like 30 mph winds constantly. Justin doesn't mind it, but it drives me insane.

  2. Le, do you do the lion pose all day? That would be really fun!
    I didn't even notice the wind today. I didn't really go outside, so sad. I did notice it was very dark and gloomy gray all day. I need a bit of sunshine! We are all going to get rickets! MUST HAVE VIT. D!!!!

  3. Hey I knew you would have a blog it was just a matter of finding it! I'm glad that I finally entered the world but I'm not that great at it, but it is a nice way to keep everybody updated. We leave for Georgia on Monday for a week and then we will decide if that will be a permanent thing. I have never been so I don't really know what to expect but I am excited at the thought at getting out of Utah!