Wednesday, March 18, 2009

J's drawings

My son has made his first drawings. A week or so ago, he came running to show me this. He said look mom an animal. I looked and lo and behold, I could see a figure with a head, two eyes, legs, body and arm. I could definitely see animal.
Then a few days later he added three more figures and it became our family. From left to right, his baby sister, why her limbs are all detached is beyond me, maybe because she doesn't walk, maybe he didn't know how to make a horizontal person. Next mom, why I got to be the animal is also beyond me. Then dad, and finally J himself.
I'm so proud of his pictures! On a side note, I said I think N babe is cute. He said no, I said why not, he said she only cute when she is wearing a dress. Well there you have it, he apparently like girly girls.


  1. Those are some great he in Sunbeams already? He is leaps and bounds ahead of my last sunbeams.

  2. Pod people! They are a developmental milestone. Congrats, J-man.