Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More of the same

For the sake of my history, I have to make another potty training update. My son has finally learned to pee standing up. This is a very big deal to me. When he is doing the potty dance, and I ask him if he has to go potty, he now says, "go potty like daddy". By the way if anyone has any 3T boy sweatpants they want to give my son, feel free. I won't stand in your way.
He is quite the stinker though (no pun intended) he now knows when he has a pull up on or a diaper on, and knows he doesn't have to go in the bathroom not to leak on the floor. He doesn't like to take off his diaper after he wakes up, but I made the rule you can't eat without big boy pants, and he is quite hungry when he wakes up so it works. Brent says to him, you finally learned to be lazy like the rest of humans. The other day he had a pull up on, because we had just got home, I asked if he had to go potty, he said yes, then quickly said no, no, no, repeatedly. He remember he had a pull up on, I told him if he didn't go potty I would eat his potty treat. (Not that I really want one m&m that has been in the bathroom for weeks.) He quickly said, no, go potty, my potty treat. Which means since he has discovered how to be lazy, I have to not be lazy now. No more pull ups at stores, he almost always comes home dry, I just don't want to deal with an accident in the store. Not to mention he tells me when he has to go in stores.
But church that is a different story. Still no progress on that front. I decided I was just going to tough it out, have him wear underwear, and go to nursery with him. If I saw he had to go, I would take him, until he got use to the fact, we aren't wearing pull ups anymore. Then Sacrament meeting happened. I THOUGHT he was doing the potty dance, so I asked him if he had to go potty. He said no. Then a few minutes later he said go potty. We then sat in the bathroom for almost 15 minutes. I think he just didn't want to sit in sacrament meeting. If he has to go, it never takes me longer than 5 minutes to get the urge again. Finally I made him leave the bathroom, he was crying, but I was going insane. Plus I have to teach him bathroom is not a way to avoid church meetings, its for peeing and then leaving. He was still crying in the hallway, and there was no where to sit, and I can't hold him long, being rather pregnant now. So I told him he could stop crying and come sit in sacrament meeting with mommy, or daddy would hold him in the hall. He stopped crying. (He is not allow to play in the hall, he has to be held that's the rule, so he wants to be in the meeting instead. He has quiet toys at the pew.) Needless to say after such a disaster, I lost my gumption to do underwear at church next week. Whats another few weeks of no potty training at church? We only have about a half a million pull ups. It takes a long time to go through them, because he rarely pottys in them, so we have a HUGE stock pile. Before potty training it would have taken less than a month to use that many diapers, but after potty training, that many pull ups looks like a huge stock pile.
In other potty training news, unfortunately for my laundry, my son loves prunes. Like huge raisins but sweeter. I thought only two a day would be fine, after a week or so, it added up, we got rid of the prunes.

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