Monday, September 8, 2008

Ups and Downs

Pregnancy is very weird in my opinion. Most of the time, this pregnancy's hormones have made me feel like I'm on cloud 9. Oh yes my body won't stop with the braxton hicks, and yes this baby likes to kick just as much as the last, but isn't the world lovely?! Sure taxes take out way too much of my husband's raise, to the point with our new rental we are making less money, but hey isn't life wonderful?! Yes, thats how my outlook on life is 95% of the time, overly sunny to the point if it was someone other than my thoughts I would want to barf, or at least say, barf and make the action like I did in elementary school. But since I'm overly sunny 95% of the time, I have to be overly negitively emotional the other 5% of the time. Like this weekend when I was trying to tape and newspaper so we could paint, and it wasn't sticking, because I was only taping the newspaper not the wall. Then I started to cry, and my husband looked at me like I was crazy, and I was crazy, I was crying that the I only tapped the newspaper. But oh how life is.
Anyway, after a not so sunny day of braxton hicks, I hate that terminalogy and usually call them contractions, because most definitions say braxton hicks are painless. Well yes, they were painless 2 months ago, 3 months ago, and even a month ago, but they have not be very painless lately. Doctors will tell you braxton hicks can be painful. As far as I can tell the real definition based on my last doctor is if they put you in active labor they are contractions, if they don't they are braxton hicks. Even with that definition I feel like braxton hicks does not do justist to my pain, so I must call them contractions. After a full day of painful contractions basically the whole day, I was very tired last night, and very tired all night long, and very tired in the morning, when my son woke up, as my husband was leaving for work. So I told my husband to send my kid into to me. I heard my husband say, go find mommy in her room. Next thing I know I have a 2 1/2 year old climbing up, I said did you have a good night? yes, did you sleep good? yes, did you have good dreams? yes, then he did it, he laid a big fat kiss on my cheek without being ask. And life again was in seventh heaven, no matter how sore and tired my body was.
Now I'm trying to decided if I want an area run for my hardwood floor living room, or a poncho for my birthday. I really want somewhere comfortable other than a couch and beds in my upstairs like an plush area rug, but once it gets cold I will also want something warm to wear that is attractive, last time my options were my husband's snow coat, or my late grandfather's grey fleece pullover my sister gave to my husband. Life gets dready in the winter.... and cold, the rug will keep my feet warm, hmm, decisions.

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