Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stories of Motherhood

Yesterday my son and I were out and about. We happened up upon a Home Depot that my husband and I were looking for on Saturday, we went about a million miles in the wrong direction when its super close to our house. Anyway, so my son and I happened to find it across the street from JoAnns. When I realized we were on the street with JoAnns I told my son lets stop at JoAnns so we can get stuff for your puppy costume. (I'm too tired to make a bug costume, so I didn't ask about a bug just asked about a puppy and low and behold he wants to be a puppy.) As I turn onto the street for JoAnns he says, "JoAnns!" very impatiently like you are missing it mom, I was, you have to drive past it to get into the parking lot. First off how did he know what store JoAnns was?
Second he looked across the street to the grocery store we have only shopped twice and said, "I wanta go there." I said, "no we are going to wait for daddy to go grocery shopping." He wanted a truck cart, he knew across the street was truck carts. This kid amazes me.
The real amazing part of the day, was when we were in home depot. They had this play rug for toy trains on display, and my son wanted to look at it, so I let him. (That's a great line I let him, since I can't pick him up, and he climbs out of shopping carts, let him, means he gets to go anywhere he wants to as long as he doesn't run because if I don't let him, he falls on the ground crying. And since I can't pick him up, he stays there until he decides he is done, while all the other people stare at me. Yes, my child is the maniac in the store you see and think, gosh can't that mom can control her kid? Here is the answer, no, that mom can't control her kid.) Back to the story, so he is looking at the play rug, and he points to an orange truck and says, "Home Depot Truck" how in the heck does my son know what the home depot logo looks like in order to be able to pick it out? Before a month ago, I don't know if he had ever even been in a Home Depot. To me he said it as clear as day, I wasn't even paying attention to him when he said it, but I'm sure other people wouldn't have understood him. So I'm wondering where he gets all this from? How is his visual recognition so good? Thank goodness we don't have TV channels for him to see commercials.
Its beginning to become very apparent that my future problem with my son and school, will be boredom, and nothing else. Although so far his math skills do leave something to be desired. Up until recently he counted, 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2, no matter how many things there were, he just count to two over and over. Now he counts, 1 2 4 5 (sometimes he adds a 6, occasionally we get a 7 or a 9) if that doesn't cover it, he keeps repeating 4 5 4 5 4 5.
The other day we went to my grandparents after we had to make a few stops on the way. Every place we stopped my son kept crying, "great grandmas great grandmas." I told him we were going to go to great grandma's and he was upset we weren't getting there fast enough. While we there, I was trying to pull out the party tricks. So I asked my son to tell his great grandma his name. Then how old he was, he said, "Im four." Then were he lives, he is able to say the township. We were there for multiple hours and as long as we were there, and she asked him, he always said, "Im four." When my grandfather surface, we pulled out the same party tricks, except this time he said, "Im eight." He kept this up the whole time we were there, if it was grandpa asking he was always eight, if it was grandma it was always four. He never did tell him two.
That is my sons new joke. A week ago, I asked him how old he was, and it was the first time he said, "Im four." I kept asking and he kept responding the same. Then all of a sudden he burst out into laughter and said, "Im two." I figure that is my son's first real joke he came up with himself.

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  1. What is it about home improvement stores? My son could tell the difference between Home Depot and Lowes at an early age, which is fairly easy, one is orange and one is blue. And this was before we started remodeling our house and frequenting these stores. Then he really surprised me when I wrote the word Lowes out in my handwriting and he knew what it said, he wasn't just recognizing the logo. He wasn't so savy with the grocery store names though he called Lee's the green store, and Macey's the yellow store.