Thursday, September 4, 2008

ma, I sorry

When my son has an accident I want to be mad. Not violent angry, just mad so he knows its bad. As I clean up the mess he sits there in shame and says, "ma I sorry" as clear as day. He keeps repeating it until I acknowledge his sorrow. How can be mad at a child with his head down and shame written on his face, that says, "Ma I sorry"? Today I was washing undies in the toilet (Sorry if you don't have a toddler and find that utterly disguisiting, if it makes you feel better your mom probably did it when you were a toddler.) He thought it was funny, I said very sternly, this is not funny, it is bad to have an accident. He immediately stopped laughing never to start again, saying, "I sorry" "Ma" Ma?" (are you listening?) I responded yes, then he said once again "I sorry." He seems genuinely sorry, so how can I be upset with him? It makes me want to wash my hands and hug him, instead of being annoying how gross it all is.

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  1. Lesli! I'm so glad you found my blog and I'm glad to know you have one too. How's life? It sounds like your little boy is so cute and on his way to using the potty!