Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 songs

Shannon added at the end of her post, "I hope others of you pick this up and decide to do it on your blogs as well." So am going to do it. I am starting from when I went to college, but really from when I met Brent. I had songs I liked with roommates or what not, but they really haven't stuck, like the songs that I related to during life with Brent. I guess this is the soundtrack of my life with Brent over the last 5 years. (Warning, the music videos might not be g rated, I don't know I don't think I watched any of them. I just listened while other windows were open.)

1. Blink 182- I Miss You
I've already blogged about this song. But a quick recap, the song came out when my husband and I were friends. And it always made me think of his, because he was "already the voice inside my head". It made me furious, I hated that I liked him so much, and he claimed not to like me. In my opinion he shouldn't have talked to me so much, and hung out with me so much, if he didn't like me, and was dating other girls. The most annoying part was when I tried to avoid him, he was always around.

2. Counting Crows- Accidentally in Love
This song is actually pretty annoying, but yet its on the soundtrack of Brent and I. Shrek 2 was one of the first dates we went on, when we started dating. I swore it wasn't a date, because we were only friends. (See previous song, Brent had made it very clear we were only friends 5 months previous) He said one guy one girl, dinner and movie is a date. Anyway, we accidentally fell in love, I really never planned it, in fact I spent probably 8 months (not consecutively) trying to make sure it wouldn't ever happen.

3. Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle
Soon after Shrek 2 we started talking on the phone every night, in comparison to talking online every night. If it wasn't for Brent not have Internet in his apartment, I'm sure I would have never upgraded to phone conversations. After we would get off the phone, he would text message me at night. There are only so many ways you can say, I love you on text messages, without saying the word love. For a few nights he kept sending me stanzas of this song. He said sorry its lame, but I was so smitten, I loved it. Here are the lyrics. I don't know stanzas he sent but all of the lyrics remind me of my husband.

4. Postal Service - To Such Great Heights
That summer I was a big fan of The Postal Service. I was so in love, I was sure this stanza was written for me and Brent, (since we both have freckles)
"I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned

5. Brad Paisley - Ain't Nothing Like
For the 4th of July when we were dating, we stayed at my parents house, and watched the DC and Philly show on the the TV with my dad. It was a much better show than anything my parents town would have come up with. Brad Paisley performed in one of the cities, and sang this song. And I remember sitting in my parent's overstuffed chair, thinking it true... Ain't nothin' like finding that man, that you know you're gonna love for the rest of your life. I also remember thinking oh we'll have' a bunch of young'ns, run screamin' through the sprinkler in their little bare feet. I have now witnessed that little young'n run screamin' through the sprinkler in his little bare feet, while my husband and I sit on the porch swing laughing.

6. Howie Day - Collide
Fast forward our engagement and the first 4 months of marriage. I got pregnant, 5 months after our wedding. I was sick all the time, really sick, like not able get out of bed. Plus I got prenatal depression. And life was not happy. I had fallen down, and the stars were not shining. This obviously put stress on my brand new marriage. I remember driving to work, stopping at stop light and crying when I heard this song, because of my hormones. Since that, this sort of became my first pregnancy anthem, and recovering from being sad, and recovering from being a terrible wife.

7. Josh Gracin - Brass Bed
That summer we were living in Altanta. Not only was I everything above, but my husband was working 12+ hour a days, and often also working on Saturday. During the week, he would leave before the sun came up, and come after it had set. With me not feeling well I really wanted my husband around, but the more I complained (hence the terrible wife comment above) the more he couldn't handle me. I usually only saw him for about an hour at night, before we went to bed. Ever morning he would get up to get ready for work, I wanted him to stay in bed with me, even though I was so nausea I could barely get out of bed. The bed frame we slept in was a brass bed. (That will horrify anyone who ever has, and who ever will in the future sleep in that bed.) But he always had to leave, to go pay for the next year of college.

8. Counting Crows - Hanging Around
Fast forward and my son has been born, and at least 6 months old. I was in school 12 credit hours a week, and my husband was in school either 15-18 hours, and working as many hours as his boss would give him, which never exceeded 25. In the late afternoons, when I really needed a break, but no break was coming for awhile, Jobo and I would turn on music, rather loud. Hoping it wouldn't annoy Pam upstairs. My choice of music at the time was Counting Crows, everyday we would listen to Counting Crows, first song being Hanging Around. It became my son and I song, when it comes on now, he smiles knowing its he and his mommy's song.

9. The Smiths - The Boy With the Thorn in his Side
This I already blogged about, remembering my husband singing along to the Smiths, to impress his wife. And boy did it impress me, the memory still impresses me.

10. Colbie Caillat - Capri
My husband actually does not like this song, but in his defense he didn't know I've become hormonally attach to it. I heard this song right before I got pregnant, and once I got pregnant, I loved it, just because I'm hormonal like that. If Collide is the anthem for my first pregnancy, I guess this is the anthem for my second. I would have thought about the name capri, if I didn't think everyone say, like the pants. So it quickly got voted off before I even mentioned it to my husband.

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