Friday, September 12, 2008

Size correlation to Time

Turns out when I lived in a small apartment I had oodles of time to do whatever I wanted to do. This often was filled with a lot of wasted hours on the internet. Now I never have any time, I barely accomplish one day a post, rarely check my email more than once. I use to check google reader for updated blogs multiple times a day, now I usually only check it every other day. Our house always has some chore that needs to get done, and we always have something else keeping me from that too. Who knew bigger dwellings were so time consuming? (Apparently my grandma.) My visiting teachers before I moved told me bigger house don't look as messy, because you have more space (they both lived in small houses, I think it was wishful thinking on their part.) I do agree my place doesn't always look so tragic, but I would hardly say get a bigger house because it looks less messy, we always have more messes that need to be cleaned up because we have more space. (PS I'm not complaining, more just surprised about my lack of time.) After my baby comes my blog may get very sparse. Then again, if my uterus doesn't calm down, I may have to be on bed rest, in which my oodles of time would come back. (No my doctor did not mention bed rest, but she did seem concerned about my contractions, and there is a definite correlation between my activity level and contractions. Which I didn't notice until she told me to pay attention. And she did tell me to be mindful of activity that causes them, and try to stop. Which means picking up my son is now officially out. I've tried to cut back on picking him up for months, but now after my doctor's concern I guess its out. I always get contractions whether painful or not when I pick him up. A baby a few weeks early would be nice, a baby a few months early would not.)

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  1. Yes, I never realized how much work goes into keeping a house up until I got one...I feel they are a lot more difficult to keep up than an apartment.