Wednesday, September 10, 2008

state fair

My kid and I went to the state fair on Monday, with some cousins, and my kid's aunt, and one of her friends. I haven't been to the state fair since I was kid, every since they gave fall break, instead of state fair day. The state fair is kind of weird, you walk around and either look at animals or arts and crafts. I didn't know what to expect, but now you know. We had fun though. I was impressed my son was the one that wanted to pet the sheep. Sometimes real animals can be intimidating. The cows were really big. I felt bad for some of those poor dairy cows, they looked like they could use a good milking, but man their were bodies were huge.
Mmm, cotton candy. I should have done a movie instead of a picture, he was scarfing it down.
Isn't he cute in his little hand's farms outfit? I thought he was adorable.
Milking the cow. The other two partial faces are his cousins.
My son absolutely loves this older cousin. Nothing like a boy 10 years older than you, to worship. I think he is probably the favorite, at least on this side. This statue thing is made all from butter. Crazy huh?This was by far the weirdest art and craft. A barbie Winnebago made out of that yarn stiff stuff. Some of the arts and crafts were really impressive and neat, and other, I did this make it to the state fair.

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  1. Looks like good times! I was bummed Becky didn't take our camera, so we got no pics.