Friday, September 5, 2008

Can I cry?

Shopping today was nightmare of nightmares for me. We first stopped at Kid to Kid, to get elastic waist band long pants for my boy. Button and pottying will have to wait until at least next winter, at least only twice a week not every day. (I love baby jeans.) My kid was playing in the walled off play area, and I was shopping in ease, sort of, I never find searching for second hands that fit shopping in ease. When I came back luckily no other kids were playing in there, because there was a huge wet puddle and my son pants were soaking wet. I cleaned up, we bought the pants, and went to the car to change. I changed him, and his shoes and socks were also soaking, but I didn't have extras of those and put him the carseat to drive off. He cried the whole way to the next store, which mind you I got lost on the way because I just moved. He wanted to go play at Kid to Kid again. We went to the grocery store, and he refused to sit in the cart, he kept trying to climb out, I didn't want deal with him falling out, so he won, he got to walk along me. Then he decided he wanted to hold on the cart where I was walking so I lift him up so he could ride on the outside, unfortunatly I hit his lip, so then he was crying because mom hurt him. He didn't care that it was accident. So then I put him sitting on top of the handle for pushing, so he could hug me while I kept pushing the cart. He did want to hug me but this didn't stop him from crying. The whole time I'm having extremely painful braxton hicks. It killed if he even touched my stomach because of the contractions so I'm leaning way far back so he can't reach my belly, which makes my bum stick out far, because I need my neck close to him. And with my maternity jeans that are falling down my stomach lower and lower, I was a sight. Everyone that didn't have kids which was every other customer but one, keep looking at me with this degrading look in their eyes like you chose to be a mother. Finally we finish our shopping trip, and we ran across the street (actually drove, I don't run across streets with a 2 year old) to look at paint chips for my living room. When we get back in the car I wiped something in my eye, or something blew in my eye, I don't know how it got there but boy did it burn. The whole way home my eye felt like it was on fire, and it was watering up the wazoo. At one red light I try to find what is bothering my eye, and I manage to pop out my contact. Then I really started getting worried. Luckily I got it back in before the light turned green. Once we get close to our house, I took the wrong turn lane so I was about to turn into Firestone tires instead of my neighborhood, luckily I was able to get on the road. But then when I did turn for my street, the 2 1/2 dozen eggs sitting on my back seat, went sliding, and start to fall on the ground out of the container. Oh at the point I though please someone either shoot me now, or hire a nanny for the rest of the afternoon. Luckily the eggs didn't break, I don't think I could stand that, the smell of raw eggs in my car for months, so I am very extremely gratiful they didn't break. And the other luckily is that we were home, so life went on, needless to say when my son went down for his nap, I also took a nap.


  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds absolutely horrible. I am so sorry, Le! By the time I got to the egg part, I was dreading every sentence as if it was happening to me. That SUCKS! Hope the rest of your weekend is better!

  2. It will get easier when Josh is a little older and is a better helper! Hang in there!

  3. Yup--that was a baaaaaad shopping trip.

    Good for you for not dying!

    Hooray you!

  4. I haven't yet braved shopping with all three of mine yet. I've been sending my husband to do all the shopping, this means we have less fruit in the house (because when he sees "fruit" on the list he gets 3 peaches.) I don't even know yet if all three of my kids will fit in our car with their carseats.