Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

How did you labor on Monday? We painted.
We weren't planning to paint yet we just went to look at some more colors, because we didn't like we paint chips we had gotten earlier. But we decided to buy the paint and do it, because of the sale ending that day. We did most of the painting while our kid was sleeping during his nap.The finished product.
This is the dining room where we eat because the kitchen is not equipped for a table.The homeowner told us we could paint. The dining room looked awful, so I figured why not paint. But now we have to paint the living room that is attached, the rooms only have 3 walls each. After that I'm done painting, the whole downstairs is in desperate need of paint, but I'm not painting any of it, because once one room gets painted the rest do, and I don't to paint the whole house if I don't own it.
View from our kitchen. The kitchen is green was painted before we arrived.

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