Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on Crime

The cops found my husband's car, unfortunately. The criminals stole the stereo, the speaker from the driver side, which messed up the door, his skateboard and all the Kleenexes but left the box. The perp also left a lingering smell of nicotine in the car, that my husband can not smell, but makes my pregnant nose sick. I'm rather not excited, by the time we get the car rekeyed, replace the stereo and fix the door, we will be out at least $500 to meet our deductible. Not to mention my husband will want a new skateboard, which is covered under renters insurance not car, our deductible for renters is $100, so its probably not even worth it to make the claim where they left the rest of the stuff there. Oh and they took a $10 set off tools, probably the same tools they broke the door with. Anyway, by the time we meet our deductible, we will probably be out more money than if the car wouldn't have been recovered and we had to get a new one. Not to mention this one will be crappy from here on out, they probably ran over curbs and did other things to screw it up. We thought about going down to the skate park and watching the skaters to see if anyone shows up with my husband's board. The lucky thing is, it was on the verg of being broken, and needed to be replaced soon. I'm glad we hadn't replaced it yet. I don't want to meet my $500 deductible want an area rug for my living room, and a recliner (I think my pregnant body would apperciate a comfy seat, and it would been nice for rocking an infant and feeding). Not to mention I soon need a double stroller, ahh, I hate being adult sometimes. I hate spending money on things I have to buy and not getting to spend money on things I want to buy.


  1. glad they found it. Hope they didn't do anything really weird in the car...my imagination went wild and I was so glad they didn't find our stolen car till after the date the insurance company owns it. I didn't want it back.

  2. We aren't glad they found it. That's the sentiment I tried to convey in the post. They trashed the car.

  3. I am sorry your car was found. I am glad that it was only your car that was violated and that it is okay to not like a violated car. I hope that everything works out in the end.