Monday, September 22, 2008

A follow up

There were some questions concerning our mantle picture. Here is the story. I was thinking about buying one of those fashionable canvas prints for above the mantle. (Not necessarily this one, whatever one I liked at my HUGE tj max.)
Then I realized if I'm going to spend $50 for something over my mantle, might as well find an extra 50 for Prayer at Valley Forge, and get it at one of those half price sales, that the religious bookstores in my area have every other month.My husband whole heartedly agreed, because he would have seen a canvas print as a waste of money. Then we were looking at pictures, of when our camera broke. This is what it looked like when you tried to take color pictures.

So until my parents sent us their old one to use until we could afford a new one, my husband enjoyed taking black and white pictures. Only the color broke, the black and white pictures turned out fine. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my son.
The afternoon light, through the window and trees outside, with black and white made some interesting pictures.

Anyway so for whatever reason we were looking at these pictures, and my husband said I really like this one, as in the kitchen chair and the stove. And yes, it is Pam's basement, and one of their grandpa's old kitchen chairs. I said me too, he said it looks all artsy. He meant he thought it had nice compsition with the persepective and contrast of grays, especially since the stove and chair are so old. Then we decided to blow it up and use it instead of spending lots of money. Between blowing up the picture and buying the frame we spent less than $20 so it worked out well since his car was stolen and we have to cover the costs ourselves since we didn't meet the deductible. We thought the frame was $20, but it rang up at $4, we told her it wasn't right, but she had no desire to fix it. So we got it for $4. It was a good deal. Its not a picture to keep up there forever, but it will do for a year or so.


  1. Lesli, I love that picture! It gives your mantle that cool, vintage feel that I desperately try for in my apartment and never quite achieve. Congratulations on art well done.

  2. That was a great story. I feel like I know you two even better now!