Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Game

To all you google reader users, this post was suppose to be published on the 16th of September, I forgot to post it. But I am posting it for my recorded history. By October 29th the "I see" game is old news.
My son has a new game he likes to play with me. Its, "I see" I don't know where he learned it, because neither my husband or I taught it to him. But when we are out side, he says, I see a duck, I see a truck, I see whatever. He goes through it pretty fast unless I can get him to start laughing. So I have a hard time getting in there to tell him what I see. But as with everything he has a surprisingly long attention span for it.
Today he played it on our donuts run. A few weeks ago after the park we walked to the grocery store and got some perishables, but also got donuts, them ate them on the bench outside the store. Today we went and got some after dropping my husband off for work, since we are down to one car. I went to get in the car, and since we didn't get much else he said, I waha sit bent (bench). So I gave in. We sat on the bench to eat our donuts. Since I can't really walk to the park without getting contractions I figured this could be a substitute. While we were sitting there he started up a game of I see. Which got him giggling when he went for farther away things, like the birds in the sky. I was surprised when he said I see stop sign. I don't remember teaching him what a stop sign is. How the heck is he so dang smart?

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