Monday, February 9, 2015

Turbo's First Birthday

In the hub bub of being pregnant when my third child turned 1, I apparently never blogged about it. Overall I was pleased he even got a birthday party.  We had lots of friends in the area that had babies the same year, since he was in August birthday I thought it would be so fun to have a big BBQ with all our friends who had babies and probably a few other friends. You know a don't bring a gift but bring a side to eat, we'll provide hot dogs, hamburgers and cupcakes. Then I ended up pregnant, and that huge BBQ when the way of napping. Life goes on...
So first please flash back to his newborn pictures, I'm always surprised when I'm blond in the pictures of his newness.
Also, because this is about the cutest story I've ever read, you should read it. I'm glad I wrote it down.

We started off with birthday pancakes, because we only three kids its easier to do things like that then with four kids. Plus it was summer and no one had to be to school on time.
 This kid always has the best personality. He was such a happy baby.
We opened presents, Turbo had just started to walk a few days before his birthday. My oldest walked at 14 months, my daughter at 10 months, and Turbo at 11 months, four weeks.
 Hooray for presents. Based on the pictures he understood opening a little better than his younger brother.

 Once again I made a birthday bib. I was going to reuse it on Ikey, but I could bare to make them share a year and half apart. My oldest's birthday pictures have an ugly stained bib, I hate it when I look back at the pictures so I made cute birthday bibs for these guys. My daughter had a bib a cupcake one it.
 Cupcakes!! They look almost exactly the same as my oldest first birthday cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with cool whip because that's what my husband and I like. But baby A did not, like the chocolate. Oh wait, I just found out after 9 years of remembering wrong, my oldest did not eat chocolate cupcakes on his first birthday. I've decided babies don't like chocolate so I made my fourth spice cake. Turns out my babies LOVE spice cake.

 He loved the cool whip on top!

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