Friday, February 20, 2015

So many birthdays

We also celebrated my husband's birthday. And now my two year old is breaking my heart, everyday he asks me "my birthday?" He is exactly two and half, he still has 6 months until his birthday!
We ate mini pies. My first attempt, they could use some work as far as beauty goes, but they were yummy.

After my husband opened presents he thanked me for my thoughtfulness. Birthdays are not important to him, so that was a huge complement.  He later asked if he fails on every one my birthdays? I replied, no, but I would appreciate if you would put some thoughtfulness into my birthday dessert. It was a lovely conversation. I adore my husband if you haven't noticed. 
My sweet two year is so happy for anyone's birthday. But everyday it doesn't stop him from asking, "my birthday?"

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