Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still Needed

As you know I've been using Essential oils as anti-depressant medication. First off, I would never recommend someone stopping a treatment plan with their doctor just because essential oils saved my life. Literally they saved my life. (Long story short my husband was telling me about a FB thread he was reading where a FB friend of his got a ton of flack for her devotion to another brand of oils.) 

Once I started using my oils last summer within a few weeks I started to feel like myself again. Not all the time, but some of the time. And maybe not too much of the time, but I was at least capable of talking to my children without yelling. I didn't feel like I hated every single person. I was able to feed my family dinner, I realized how often I had forgotten to feed myself. Once half of my children went back to school, I also found more of myself. My husband who can be a little leery of any kind of medicine including Western totally is on board with me using essential oils, they can get pricey, but he doesn't complain because he can see a night and day difference. I felt better, but I could tell I wasn't completely back. I was very depended on my essential oils, often using them 2-3 times a day. 

Then Christmas rolled around. My husband decided we should go visit my parents for Christmas, I was hesitant, I just spent the last 6 months depressed, and one of the signs of depression is you lose interest in things that use to matter. During December, I kept wondering whats even the point? It doesn't even feel holiday like. So my hesitancy with visiting my parents had nothing to do with them and everything to do with my health. But since I was coming to see  my mom she had me go see her acupuncturist. I'll be honest I was wary, sometimes I really like her acupuncturist and other times.... For food allergies she is amazing, for children's behavior, I'm not sure I'd recommend her. I told her I was depressed and whatnot and after some work she decided I wasn't producing serotonin. So she did a treatment, which I will say was very painful, since my body was so blocked up. Normally you can't really feel acupuncture, but there were a few pricks that bled a fair amount, I got a few bruises. I have no idea how long I laid there with the needles because you take a nap, 45 minutes or so but after I walked out I felt like the fog completely lifted. I felt like I got short changed on Christmas, I only had three days of anticipation, instead of a whole month. 

That is not to say I'm completely cured. I still use the essential oils.  Which is the whole point of this post. We've had a fair amount of snow days around here, so I didn't shower sunday morning since we were snowed in. But I did shower in the evening. So in the morning I got up and got dressed, and went to take care of my kids. As the morning continued, I couldn't get my heart to stop racing. I tried drinking water, eating protein, etc. Nothing worked. When finally I realized I hadn't used oils in a day or so, and I better go medicate. Within an hour I felt completely fine to the point I forgot I didn't feel well earlier. But I also use a blend that I rub on my lower back. As you may remember, I have some problems with a slipped disc, in my lower back. I didn't put it on on Monday, I thought I'm rocking this whole health thing. Sure my hormones are still messy, but at least my back isn't throbbing. Well, my pride was stupid. My back was in a lot of pain on Tuesday morning. I am now a calm, and quiet Lesli, a humble Lesli, and I'm putting my essential oils on faithfully. Until a month passes and I forgot about Monday and my pride gets the best of me again. 

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  1. I wish I lived close to your mom, I'd love to try her acupuncturist. I am going to the closest one to my house, and I'm not convinced I'm getting the most out of it that I could be getting. I'm going twice a week through this IVF cycle, so being close is essential (so that I can minimize Henry's time at the babysitter). The next closest one is like 20 minutes away and my babysitter can't do an extra 40 minutes twice a week on top of what she's already doing. Boo.