Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pictures Anyone?

Baby number 4, is finally sleeping through the night. A week before his birthday! Say what, I pride myself on good sleepers who sleep independently. But sometimes personality weight out parenting.  So he finally sleeping, but he still continues to be my naughtiest baby. Brent can be really mean, and normally it only takes twice of being in trouble to stop touching the garage can. Not this boy he does not care. He loves to push it around the kitchen.
 But he is so pretty, with his dreamy eyes and lashes. I'm officially getting old at 30. I'm growing some laugh lines, I guess it could be a lot worse.
 Turns out this picture is beyond blury. But boy this boy... words can not describe. He is the sweetest momma's boy and in the throws of terrible twos.
 The boys enjoying toddler time at the library. Ikey has started to participate too. Since its designed for toddlers not big kids. They love it. They are best friends are beyond cute with each other.
 Remember how I want them to stay little forever. Oh maybe not. Too many days of ours look like this. No one wanted to get sister from kindie pick up.
 This boy says the funniest things, and the most annoying things. His new thing, "I not eat this." "Not eat dinner, this is disgusting." Say what? where does a 2 year old learn such things? Everything, is disgusting, he even told me eggs were tonight, and refused to eat them. He has been eating eggs 3-4 times a week since he was 9 months old. Its so hard to be 2, you think you should be charge of your life, but you aren't because you would make terrible decisions like running in front of cars, not sleeping and not eating anything but sippy cups of milk and candy. Plus no one is surprised by your behavior but yourself.

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