Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My oldest turned 9. Which means I've been a mom for nine years and that is just weird. It also means in the words of my brother, I'm half finished with him. Right? Not really since I'll still be his mom after he turns 18. 
I made a cookie tower with large cookies. Nine cookies for nine years, the kids found it so exciting. So much better than a giant cookie.
Opening presents. Earlier in the morning his two year old brother had already opened some of his presents when we weren't watching. So we had to hid them all in the giant old navy bag.
This picture looks familiar.

The day after his birthday we brought cookies into class, because his birthday was on a holiday.
Then on Saturday we had two friends over to play video games. I'm just too bogged down in life to throw elaborate parties.
I made him a giant cookie because he loves them, even if his dad thinks they are gross.

And with that I am done for 5 and half months. No birthdays until August!

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