Monday, February 9, 2015

Ikey's First Birthday

My baby turned one. Overall I'm trilled. The first year of life is not the easiest for me, and last year was especially awful. One of the hardest years to date. Actually it quite distresses me, I'm not sure I can handle the next 60 years, year 29 was almost too much to bear.
But before we start, should we flash back a year ago? You know you want to click on that link to see him as a newborn. Thank goodness we can't tell the future, or I'm not sure I would have been able to move on.
 Planning dinner for a first year birthday is kind of fun, its my last time to make food I like for a kid's birthday. We had taco soup and quesadillas, he LOVES both.
 My other two boys had a cupcake on their first birthday so I sort of wanted to keep the tradition, but was also quite bored with it. So we did a cupcake on a mini 8" cake.
 During his nap, I decided he needed his own birthday bib.  (He was sad I took away the cake.)
 The candle on fire blew his mind.
 Of course he needed help blowing out his candle.
 Dad is so fun, he just kept lighting it for everyone to blow out over and over again.
 Finally time to eat.
He just picked that sucker up and chowed down.

 Then because he is more fourth and I'm indulgent now, I gave him a slice of cake too.
 The big kids helped him unwrap.
 Turbo wasn't quite sure what was happening.
 But then he wanted to figure it out, this one looked like a good starting off point.
 Then two days later I took my baby in for his well child check up. He has been a hard baby in some aspects, but he is the best baby when it comes to shots, I've never had one who takes them so in stride. Not to mention he never gets fussy or feverish in the days following.
 Lastly this is my girl on superbowl sunday. She has been desperate for fruit salad so we made one for the super bowl. Only fitting to add to the post because my baby is my super bowl baby. My doctor was willing to induce him four days early because he wasn't working super bowl Sunday.

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