Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Because of President's Day we had a four day weekend. This meant the kids celebrated valentine's at school on Thursday the 12th, which meant it was a whole two days before my husband's birthday. Which meant I wasn't beyond exhausted on his birthday and I actually had energy to bake him dessert. I don't have to attend my children's holiday parties at school but they really want me there. I'm so busy with their little brothers I never volunteer, so I go because that means I don't need a babysitter for my little boys. This all being said, I always ask Brent to work at home, the two year old comes to the kindie party with me, while the baby naps. And the two year old naps, while Nat watches tv, and I take the baby to the 3rd grade party. Even though I don't even really help at the parties, I'm exhausted by the time 4 pm rolls around. Anyway, since they had no school on Friday I decided we'd have a little family valentines party on Friday. It worked out quite well. Nat helped me decorate the table, then my husband read my thoughts and offered to take the kids downstairs for a dance party while I made dinner. I made freezer orange chicken, which was perfect, because I wanted a meal everyone ate without crying, but also a meal that was easy to make, and not hot dogs, spaghetti or pancakes. While everyone was down dancing I put presents on the table. 
My older kids keep complaining I never make them anything anymore, (ignoring they years of homemade halloween costumes they have collected) and so I made them all little bears. They have been very much enjoying them. I used this pattern, they came together very easy.
Everyone seemed to have a blast. The best part is I had bought red velvet Hostess cupcakes so I didn't make dessert, yeah everyone thought they were gross but the babies and me, but that's beside the point. If I would have made dessert I would have been too tired to decorate the table. Yeah, you are right, I'm tired all the time... I blame it on the ages of my children, and the quantity. I'm sure one day I'll still be tired because my teenagers keep me up late, but right now its because my children are shear exhausting, and I change A LOT of dirty diapers everyday. 
 J at his class party.
 Nat at hers.
The family had fun. Even my husband said thanks for doing that, everyone had a lot of fun. I keep hearing/reading how important traditions are for children, traditions bring stability and fun memories. I've decided for my family the tradition is doing something out of the ordinary for holidays not actually doing the same thing each year. I have fun doing something fun for the holidays with my kids, but I do not have fun repeating the same work year after year after year.

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  1. This post made me smile. Those bears, the class parties, being exhausted after said parties, and new traditions. They don't have class parties here like they do it CO. Lame. So I never get to go into school. But after reading this maybe I don't mind. I was always super exhausted after a afternoon at BC.