Thursday, February 26, 2015

One last party

As I've mentioned my sweet two year old every day would wake up and ask, "My birthday?" Each day it was the same thing, and each day my heart would break when I told him no.
We tried looking up pictures of his birthdays, but that just inspired him to say, "go eat doggy cake?" Um, no, that is long gone. 

Poor child, his mom has been sick for everyone one of his birthdays (first year- first trimester sick, next year postpartum depression) maybe that's why I threw him an unbirthday. I've barely even bought him birthday presents either year... 

So after everyone's real birthdays, before J's party. We had a little unbirthday party for Turbo. It wasn't the first time I threw an unbirthday for a toddler who has no sense of time.  
All my pictures of that night are terrible. I think it was because he was so excited. 

I volunteered to make a cake for book group, so I skimmed some off, and made 6 or so mini cupcakes. Then I found stuff around the house my two year old had never seen and wrapped it up. I was recently going through some stuff from when I was a kid and found some old beanie babies, I gave one to each of the kids.  (He didn't even get new wrapping paper, it was the trash wrapping paper I found it the garage after J's birthday, there was so much tape on those things.
I also wrapped up three packages of fruit snacks, every day after he asked "my birthday" he would ask, "eat fruit snacks." Pretty much Friday night was his dream come true.

The older kids were so excited to show Turbo some love after his enthusiasm for their days. Have I mentioned everyone in the house has a winter birthday but Turbo and me. 

 We even watched Alice in Wonderland's unbirthday party on youtube during the party.
P.S. His shirt does say the birthday boy. When we were shopping for clothes for his older brother, he found this birthday shirt, he wanted it so bad, it had a cake and a dump truck, and it was on clearance for $2.50. He's been wearing it for at least a month.
That night when we went to bed that night, I told Brent wow unbirthday parties go so fast we were done in 30 minutes. It was lovely.

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