Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hair Cut

The last time my daughter had her hair cut was Christmas.  When the boys buzzed their hair in the beginning of the summer, she wanted hers buzzed off too, because her hair was "too beautiful".  She has begged for hair cut all summer.  She doesn't like washing her hair or getting it combed.  I did start using conditioner in her hair and that helped, but she still wanted a hair cut desperately.  Here is the result.
 We got lucky we just went down to our local cheap cuts, and I explained what I wanted and she said a bob?  I said no an A line.  Then she finished and luckily she did do an A-line and she asked what do you think, I said its really thick in the back middle.  So she thinned the back, and now it looks good. Nan said she was Rapunzel because she got her hair cut.
Isn't the back cute?
 Here is the before. I loved putting it in a pony tail or pig tails but she would pull it out within 20 minutes everytime, so I agreed it was time to cut it.

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