Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to School Shopping

I took my kids back to school clothes shopping.  Kohls seemed to have a good sale going, so I figured one more thing to cross off the list before baby comes.  Remember his due date is 5 days before school starts, and both my children are starting school this year.  Also remember the three year old is starting preschool four days a week for speech.  I had no plans of buying a lot of stuff, just a few things.  They both got three shirts, and J got a lunch box.  (In my mind it will be easier to buy winter clothes, when fall hits, and I don't want to yell at them all the time, because I'm so uncomfortable.)
But none of this is the point of the post.  I found it funny to shop with my son, I don't often take him shopping, I usually just pick something up on clearance for him, or he wears hand me downs.  My son has absolutely no interest in shirts that have athletic team sport graphics.  You know shirts that have baseballs, footballs, none of the that.  What he does like is skater shirts.  He picked out two tony hawk shirts, and an angry bird shirt.  This makes complete sense, but I still found it funny.  Although my husband does play team sports like basketball on a tuesday night, my son has never seen him play team sports other than kicking the soccer ball in the backyard.  All he has seen my husband do is skateboard.  So of course that is what he would want to wear skater shirts.  This year he seemed to have an affinity for lighting bolts, and skulls.
While my daughter liked monkeys and princess crowns.

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