Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting Ready

Well it seems we are finally getting ready for this baby.  We got our mini van last night.  I put the bassinet in our room, today.  A friend gave it to me, and I'm pretty excited, I've never had a bassinet before. I mostly just put the bassinet in our room, because I don't have anywhere else to put it.  I still have no diapers, and I need to organize the baby clothes. But I'll get the diapers after I organize the clothes, so I have space for them.  Other than that, I think I might be close to ready for the baby to come.
I'm grateful this is my third, so now I know don't read or get the free subscriptions to any baby magazines, since they only turn you into a loony bin. I honestly don't care about any of the reading material, or the suggest baby lists.  I'm pretty sure I don't need outlet covers for a few months, so why worry.  I have other kids to care for.
When I was first pregnant I was sort of sad I didn't have a room to decorate for the baby, I've never had a nursery, the only time we had an extra room was with my first, and we didn't have money for a nursery.  We had a handme down dresser, a crib, and a used rocking chair.  But now I'm kind of grateful I'll never have a nursery, its nice to know I don't have to fill up the space with things we'll only use for a few months at a time.  For this baby, I have the same crib as for the first, no dresser, and a used rocking chair.  Somethings never change I guess.  :)
That being said, here is my list of what I need for a baby.

  • Clothes-- that would be a whole different post, and a lot is subject to season, location, size of baby, etc
  • Large thin blankets. receiving blankets from the store are pretty useless they are too small. Not too large just the size of baby quilts, the great thing is lots of people realized this, and now sell them online
  • Lots of burp cloths
  • diapers, wipes, bum cream
  • a swing (we've never had an infant bouncer, but I do have this infant/toddler rocker for the basement, where the swing will be in our living room)
  • a crib, mattress, and maybe three sheets, I've never had the bumper set, and everything that comes is that $100+ bag, but if I find a cute dust ruffle for the crib on sale I do buy it.
  • a bassinet, or port crib, something for my bedroom
  • rocking chair for me to sit in
  • car seat, the adjustable strap that comes out by their feet is worth the extra cost (see this one has a strap hanging down by the bottom, this one doesn't)
  • basket to put diapers wipes and burp clothes on every floor of our house, never had a changing table
  • once they are old enough to hold themselves up, walkers are super useful, I think, but other than that and a swing I don't buy and large baby toys.  I guess a execersaucer is safer, but my kids never have enjoyed those as much.
  • This time we will need GOOD baby gates, but we have never used them before, nor do we need them for a few months
  • I don't use a baby bathtub, I just clean out my bathroom sink and wash them in that, then once they are too big for that, I find a plastic dish tub at walmart way more useful then a baby bath tub, I don't think baby bathtubs put the kid in enough water to actually clean them.  Plus they take up a ton of space to store.  I do use baby washcloths, hooded towels, and baby soap.
  • I will also say I store their clothes in a sweater box, that hangs in a closet until they are about 12-18 months old, eventually their clothes take up to much room, and it doesn't fit anymore.
  • I guess I'll get some pacifiers, but my kids have always hated them, favoring their hands
  • I nurse so I don't have to worry about bottles at first, but I getting a pump is useful, at least more comfortable plus all the stuff for nursing. 
A lot of baby stuff out there, I have never found a use in, and then gotten rid of.
Oh and a diaper bag, I don't worry about that, I just use the free one from the hospital.  But I do like a changing pad, for public.  Although my motto is when in doubt change them in the car instead of a public restroom, unless its inconvenient.
Oh and we have never had a the space for a big bulky high chair, we just use the boosters. But we don't even pull that out for the first couple of months of mush.  I don't know why babies need to be a lazy boy type chair for eating.  Plus the booster seat is so much easier to clean, especially because my chair has no seams in it for crumbs.

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