Sunday, July 29, 2012


Here is my family and I when I was 35 weeks along.

 Here I am at 37 weeks. Today.  For a long time I thought my biggest pregnancy was my first.  Now I think this pregnancy and my first are pretty tied.
Here is my first pregnancy if you would like to compare, at probably 35 weeks. My face swelled more in that pregnancy though. Then again with the summer, my feet and hands are having swelling problems, this time around.
And here I am at about 35 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy.  I gained the least amount with my daughter, and with my two boys I have been comparable size.


  1. Whose baby are you holding? You were so tiny with N!

  2. I was holding David, Greg and Alisa's oldest, I think he was about 6 months old. I was tiny N, she is a tiny girl for her age, but I think they the real reason was I had issues that pregnancy and I probably didn't actually gain enough weight. Then again she was born the exact same size as her brother.