Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth Parade

My kids put on their own parade since ours was thankfully canceled.  It was very cute, but obviously I'm bias. (I think my camera sucks.)
 The fire as of yesterday was 90% contained. Hooray, although it will burn for another few weeks, even once they reach 100% containment.  The weather has mostly returned back to normal, it seems like we are staying normal with averages of the past instead of setting records.  The weather yesterday was much more mild then it was last fourth. (Although last night seemed to be the hottest night of my life, I was burning up I struggled sleeping. Even though the day was nice, for summer.)
It was a nice calm fourth, which was super nice.  Brent invited some people over, so there were 5 adults and 4 kids, for our BBQ.  Ping Pong was played, lots of soda was consumed.  After everyone left I realized my kids still hadn't done their parade so I got out the musical instruments.  Then we cleaned up, bathed the kids, got in our jammies, and watched fireworks on TV. Nan went to bed at 9:30, when she declared she was so tired!  The rest of us went straight to bed at 10, after the credits started on TV, it was so nice, no traffic or anything.  Perfect for this pregnant lady.

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