Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ice Cream and a Bomb

A few weeks ago my mom was in town, and we (she, me and my 2 kids) went to one of the local attractions, to use my soon to expire living social deal.  Afterward I said lets go to Dairy Queen for lunch because I was craving a blizzard. The closest Dairy Queen to my house is a half an hour a way, so I would never go there to eat just because. Before we went I told my mom, its in the ghetto, well not really, but the only thing around is industrial parks, and there are only 6 tables total, but your dairy queen is like the worst in the world, so it will be fine.  
After we were all done eating our lunch except for slow poke McGee, we noticed a cop talking to one of the employees.  Long story short, some called in a bomb threat on a pick-up truck and if you were parked on the west side of the restaurant you were not allowed to leave.  They locked the door to that side, but the weird thing was, people kept coming in the other door and leaving.  Luckily slow poke McGee, is as slow as all get out, so the kids ate their ice cream cones, while we waited and waited and waited.

As my mom said if we weren't locked in we would have hurried up McGee, but since we were locked, we let him take is merrily sweet time. For once he got to spend 2 hours consuming only a hot dog, soda and ice cream cone.  I looked up the news report on my mom's iphone. The news online only told us that two sanitation guys picked up what they thought was garbage, and put in the back of their truck. A former military guy at their next stop recognized it as a bomb and called 911. 
I go to church with a guy on the swat team, and am friends with his wife. I wanted to call and ask what was the hold up.  I was ready to go.  Eventually a cop moved my car for us and we drove away.
So then my husband got the scope from the swat guy at church. A man had made a propane bomb and was trying to set it off with his stopwatch watch, but had been trying for over an hour with no avail.  He said that guy would have never been able to set it off.  He seemed very nonchalant about the whole thing. While I thought if they though there was a bomb, shouldn't have have calmly evacuated us from the Dairy Queen, and had us drive off almost immediately instead of locking us in?  As my husband said, what the Oklahoma City Bombing taught us, is a building will crumble like cardboard.
Anyway, that is my bomb story that I've been meaning to post for three weeks.  Since this took so long, I probably will never get around to post anything about the family reunion we hosted.

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