Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two weeks

I am 37 weeks today, and I've most likely we have chosen to be induced at 39 weeks, because my doctor is gone at 40 weeks and school starts at 41 weeks. I honestly don't care about the doctor being out of town, it just seems like the right decision to have the baby at home and situated before my kids start on new adventures.  It seems right for the family.
Brent and I have discussed induction for a few months now, we have tried "the whole natural child birth thing" for two babies now, and spend hours about hours on pitocin for two babies, and end up getting an epidural and thinking why didn't we do this hours ago.  My recovery was great with Nan, after my pitocin and epidural, I then realized my body and mind were in battle.  I let my body win, we all have our different strengthens/skills in any aspect of life.  My body wins on being long and thin, not on natural child birth, and I've accepted that, life goes on, thankfully!
Long story short, this seems like a good decision for our family.  But holy smokes, that means I only have two weeks.  I'm been getting ready, but two weeks, isn't long.
I now have diapers, wipes and burp clothes on every floor of the house.  I have all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes washed, but not organized.
I have a carseat and a stroller. My mom brought out my finished baby quilt, but that is about it as far as ready. But he is not going to be needing a quilt for at least a FEW weeks. There is a bassinet with two extra sheets and a rocking chair in my room.
I am in the process of recovering (with fabric) the baby swing.  Which I think was a bad idea, I wouldn't recommend it.  Oh well, I'm going to finish because I'm not buying a new swing, and I don't want him in a pink swing.  I should have sold it three years ago like my husband wanted me to do.  
Plus I need to make his baby blanket. Plus I want to make 3 or four more burp clothes.  I think I can do that in two weeks.  That is doable to do list.  If I was awesome I would have some dinners in the freezers, but I'm not good a cooking now, so what makes me think I could make two dinners a night and freeze one.  
The induction starts in the evening, I'm hoping to clean my bathrooms before, but maybe the day before so I'm not too tired when I go into the hospital.
Plus I got my back to school shopping all done, and the kid dental appointments done.  All that is left is my 6 year olds well child visit on Saturday, yeah I'm 6 months behind.
All the supplies are bought for school except for these.... blah walmart didn't have them, so I have to go to the big city. If first grade mead composition notebooks were a decent price I would get them on amazon, but not at $8 a book, I need four for first grade.

By the way just because I schedule an induction don't mean I keep it, knowing me, I'll still be pregnant in four weeks.

OH! OH! I almost forgot the most important thing on my to do list.  Finish Nan's two baby books.  Two you may ask?  Yes, I already finished one.  My first born has three.  So, so must my second born.  We looked at them at family home evening, and I told my husband, the only reason I make these is so our children will feel important when a new baby comes and takes over their lives.  He quizzically asked, that is the reason?  I firmly replied yes.  

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