Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Car

One day I will get a new car, because I can't have a new baby until I have a new car.  It won't actually be new it will be used.  But the baby will be new.  My current car can't hold anymore kids, so in about a year you can expect to hear about a car and/or a baby.
This unconceived new baby is very expensive, we needed a house (at least a third bedroom) and a car before we can have a third baby. Luckily for the baby we don't need a new couch.  Anyway back to the car.
Brent and I have been discussing for months what type of car to get.  His ideal would be an all wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder, around a 2005-2008.  I don't know if I have an ideal car, a pathfinder would be infinitely cooler than a Honda or Toyota mini van, but I watch the other moms who can actually walk in their mini vans to buckle carseats and boy does that look nice.  My ideal car for this stage of life fits seven people, is navy blue, has all wheel drive, because driving in snow scares me, and can take my family camping.  The other day Brent and I were talking about this future car, its one of the hot topics in our lives.  Brent said I want to get you a Cadillac Escalade.  I started laughing and said whatever, can you see me dropping J off to kindergarten in an Escalade?  His response was a serious yes, you would look great in one.  A few days later we were stuck in traffic and I said I've been laughing for days about you saying you want to buy me an Escalade. Brent said I'm glad you are enjoying it.  But I would only buy you a white or gold Escalade, black would not fit you. I still honestly can't tell if he is joking or serious, does he really think I would look good in a pearl white Escalade.

P.S. Don't expect to visit me and find an Escalade in my garage.  I'm pretty sure they don't come in my price limit.  I'm having a hard time stomaching this new car, luckily I have a year or so because cars are more expensive than I would like.


  1. I never park next to a car/suv that hints of children. If I see a carseat, I move over a few spots. I don't want to risk getting my car dinged by a child flinging their car door open, or a mother trying to buckle her children in and accidentally bumping her open door into the next car.

    I will always park next to a mini-van. Those sliding doors are fantastic.

    Also, I'm glad you're not anti-minivan. Moms who are anti-minivan are fooling themselves. After you have kids, you aren't cool anymore anyway, no matter what you drive. Minivans are MADE to make the life of a mother easier. Why fight that? I would think a mother would be embracing things that would make her life simpler.

  2. Don't get a durango, they are crappy. Yes I knew this before I bought one. You should get a Honda Pilot or Acura MDX, but then I would never speak to you again because of my bitter jelousy.

  3. Pam- Brent thinks about a Pilot but I don't. I don't think its roomy enough. So I don't think your jealousy will ruin our relationship.
    Liz- Those sliding doors if automatic are fantastic, but you probably won't be able to park next to me, because we'll probably get a pathfinder.

  4. I have mini-van envy up to my ears! they are awesome, I mean, your kids can climb in by themselves, you can step in to buckle them if nescesary, and if you have a dirty diaper, there is sooo much room to change it in. And auto doors, stow-n-go seats, I saw a lady at DI fit a wooden dininng chair and a wheelbarrow into the back of her minivan and still had her two kids in the middle captian chairs. And then I started drooling! haha.

  5. Gotta say, even without the cool factor, minivans are pretty awesome. I wasn't very excited about driving one until I finally went to look at some and not only does our Honda drive really smoothly, but the space is so worth it! I love being able to flatten out the seats (well, until kid #3 shows up next month and I have to start using the back seat), and have a huge flat space in the back. Oh, and those automatic doors come in really handy for school drop off/pick up, and when its raining, not to mention being able to buckle the kids easily from inside instead of leaning in and getting soaked. I'm a minivan convert.

    But my mom's Pilot has a lot of space as well, its just a little of a pain when you are using the back seat, but its nice being able to seat 8. (Actually, I think all the newer minivans have an optional 8th seat as well, we just didn't buy a new enough one to get that feature.)

    Oh, and no matter what vehicle you end up with, if you can get one with leather seats, that is a HUGE plus with kids--they wipe up so easily!