Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wet Phone

Two Saturdays ago I dropped my phone in the toilet.  Which is totally lame.  It worked fine for a day, but then it slowly got worse.  Soon I couldn't hang up, I just had to wait for the phone to disconnect from the call.  A friend suggested that I take out the battery and put both the phone and the battery in a sealed bag of rice.  So tried it, unfortunately the on off switch was the same as the hang up button.  Which means I couldn't turn my phone back on.  I was a little worried, when I couldn't turn it back on, Brent was already at work and I don't have a house phone.  I started googling how much phones cost.
When I thought go phones, they take sim cards just the same as any phone and are around $10.
So I have a new phone, it cost $12, I miss not having a camera, but other than that I like it better than my previous phone.  Would have thought?
My broken phone was a full touch screen with no number buttons.  Turns out I'm old fashion, I hated not having buttons.  When we got our phones a year and half ago, they were suppose to be pretty awesome for not paying for a data plan.  But I hated our phones, and they are heavy. So I'm quite happy with my lightweight go phone.  If only had a camera.  This is the first time I've ever owned a cell phone without a camera, my first phone back in 2003 had a camera, and MP3s.  This is also my first phone without music.  But I'm so much happier with this phone, I either want to stay with cheap phones or get a blackberry.  I know that is so like pre-iphone era.  But I really have no desire for an iphone, and my husband plans on one day getting an android, but I think I would much rather the keys of a blackberry.  But that is just me.
By the way there is a good chance if your number has changed in the last two years and you want me to call you, I don't have your number. Along with all the downfalls of my previous phone, apparently I was not saving my numbers on the SIM card.

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