Friday, April 8, 2011

Boy Room

This is my 5 year's room in less than a month.  I think the window nook looks so awesome, and fun.  My boy loves to curl up with a good book, what better place than a corner with a lot of sunlight. My son up front asked to paint his room yellow.  Its his favorite color, I said sure! Imagine my surprise and relief when he picked a very light yellow almost neutral cream yellow.  I also plan on making a pillow for his window seat/ledge.
 His room will be one of the first to paint because if you look in the mirror you can see the previous owners started a Lion King Mural.  It needs to be painted over quickly! That is one of my first to dos after navy blue sponged stairwell.  Way before I paint the kitchen (that is long term).
I have to decorate rooms, I just can't not do it. Like a shark not swimming.  My son needs s room that is not a baby nursery, but I don't want something that he would out grow in a year or two, and nothing with licensed characters. Then one day it hit me a map of the world on wall and a map of the United State on different wall, my son loves geography.  I googled it, and found this room. This is totally what I'm going for except I don't think I'm going to paint his dresser teal and his bed will definitely not look like that.  But look the room is even a light yellow/neutral color. 
My last course of action, is to only put the head of J's bed against the wall. Right now the head and the length of his bed is against the wall, and his dresser is at the foot.  I would like him to start learning how to make his bed, but with his personality it is pretty unrealistic to try and get him to make his bed right now.  So I'm excited to have the bed in the middle of the room, with only the head touching the wall, because then it will be one of his jobs to make his bed every morning.  I can't wait!

Lastly, we were at Home Depot pricing out dining room floors.  While there we found this fan, and we all thought it would so awesome for J's room.  But we probably won't buy it, unless its miserably hot during the summer without A/C in the summer.  Everyone says you don't need it there in the summer, and not a single house we looked at had one, and we weren't exactly looking at ghetto houses.  The majority of houses we looked at were much nicer than the one we bought.

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