Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pre-Owned Shoes

My daughter's favorite shoes right now are pre-owned camo crocs hand me downs from her brother.  (Actually they are Airwalk brand, back when airwalk was still good at copying crocs.)   Some might say get that girl needs some shoes of her own.  But she has loved them for 6 months or so.  She found them last fall when I was organizing the baby clothes.  She loved them but I hid them for the winter because I have a strict no sandals in snow policy.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with them, she loved them and they were perfectly good shoes but they were boy shoes.  During the move they have resurfaced again and its all she wants to wear.  She loves crocs, and she definitely loves the multi-color of these camo.  Last fall I wondered if it was too ghetto of me to let her wear her brother's shoes.  But this spring I've decided camo doesn't have to be boy only, she can wear camo shoes if she wants.  There are plenty of females in the military that wear fatigues. So if you see my daughter in her favorite shoes, don't worry we aren't being ghetto we are making a style choice.
Plus I try not imposing cultural gender standards on my children. When my son was 2 and half when I was pregnant with his sister, and the only phrase out of his mouth was baby sister, blah blah blah, his favorite color was pink. I let him cuddle in pink blankets and use the new pink baby towels.  He loved it and in less than two months he his favorite color became yellow.  Where it has firmly stood. If you watch my children you probably think I do in impose gender roles, my daughter often wears dresses, and more often wears pink and has a baby firmly attached to her arm.  My son... well he won't touch a baby doll with a ten foot pole unless he is throwing it and he has always been that way.  But I promise I do not impose, I let them choose.  Which is why my son says his favorite thing to do is art.  And my daughter loves matchbox cars almost as much as dolls.  And why every child that enters my house is allowed to play with the toy kitchen, boy or girl the toy kitchen is the first toy friends want to play with.  Second toy, tools, the girls love tools just as much as the boys, and everyone loves to cook. Which all comes back to my daughter is wearing camo crocs.

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