Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can I tell you a quick story...

At the end of the day two months ago when my husband and I put an offer on our house.  We were extremely exhausted, I was having some altitude lag, and we went to bed hoping we made a good decision.  A little stressed about everything! I mean everything!  Its been a long time since I've went to bed that heavy, from tiredness and everything.  Brent and I are extremely aversion to debt, and so make a home offer was not something we were entering lightly. We had chosen not to buy a house yet.  We were never forced into renting. Sometimes we thought we might never buy, renting is so freeing in someways. (sure not paint color ways.)
Then a miracle happened, we woke up well rested, happy, peaceful and the sun was coming through the curtains in the hotel room.  Then we went to sign papers for three hours, then we flew home.  Once again we went to bed stressed wondering about what we had just elected to do.  But once again we woke up well rested and peaceful.  This has been an ongoing habit during the house buying process.
Now, sure money still stresses us out a little, it always does, we are control freaks when it comes to our money.  But yet, its surprisingly unstressful. There has been plenty of morning I've woken up dead exhausted in the last two month, and Brent might not agree for himself. But I can safely say, it tiredness has not been from stress about the house. Anytime I go to bed stressed about the move, I wake up feeling totally at peace, (although I might be tired for the rest of daily life).
And that is a very good sign for me.
I refuse to act in life until I get that gut feeling.
I know it doesn't work for everyone, but my gut feeling has never led me astray.
I'm glad for my peace.

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  1. I know what you mean about debt. The idea of having any debt makes me want to hyperventilate. I'm not sure how people do it. I think I'd rather live in a box and drive a scooter than have any debt.

    I also know what you mean about renting. There is something so liberating about knowing you can pick up and and move whenever you want. And knowing that big issues with the house are not your issues. I think there is a season of life for everything, and I am not even close to the "buy a house" season of my life.