Thursday, April 7, 2011


Would you like to see my kitchen? We need a fridge. I sometimes I say fridgerator. Someone recently laughed at me and asked if I was from somewhere. I can't remember where they thought I was from or if I was from there. We are ripping out the florescent, like stat! 
Here is the dining room/ kitchen. Sorry for the terrible pics.

Here is the dining room.
My husband and I both really like this picture. I have no idea where I found it.
We are going to paint the kitchen and dining room a green, probably not that dark, because our cabniets are darker than the picture. Eventually we want to paint/stain them a lighter shade of something. But that is in the long term future, just like replacing the tile counter is a long term future. There is carpet in dining room, which my husband is promtly ripping out. I think we are going to put a cherry colored laminate or other dark color wood. I can't handle light wood color laminate with our kitchen cabinets, too much light wood.

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  1. I think we have the exact same ghetto range in our kitchen!! I didn't want to point that out until I saw your tweet--maybe you love old two-tone electric ranges. But now I know you don' now we can commiserate together! I have decided we need a new one--which we'll get before we sell but no time really soon. Since we're eventually going to replace it, I feel like I never have to clean it--which makes it extra ghetto. I break down occasionally and clean the stove--but I haven't once cleaned the oven. (Gross, I know.)