Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Educational Milestones

My mom pointed out Nan is talking in sentences.  Her favorite sentence, by far is, "Where daddy go?" But she also gets a lot of use out of, "No, Hoshy's Turn".  She loves to talk on the phone, and then when the adult says they have to say good bye, she calmly says good bye and hands me the phone.
When J was two every time he would scribble on a paper I would write his name.  I hadn't really thought about that, until I started doing that with Nan too.  I'm not sure why I do it I just do.  Well because of that she is making progress.  She was "chatting" with her dad online, and she kept hitting the N key and saying her name.  She then said Daddy, and looked confused.  I do write all four of our names on the paper for her when she asks but she definitely doesn't have the rest of our names/titles down.  By the way I write daddy not Brent. She seems to know how to write a N but who knows if I'm just a mom imagining it. She also can draw pretty much a perfect circle.  Which she likes to do, because I got super excited the first time she drew a perfect round circle with all closed up.

Now for my son, he might be reading. A week ago I would have said, he knows how to write just not read.  In fact I did say that.  But he might be reading now, if not he is probably 90% there.  He can sound out pretty much any sight word his teacher sends home with it.  Most kids in his preschool class aren't sent home sight words, but J probably has 50 or so words in a flip chart from his teacher.  Each time he gets a new set of words he sounds them out and then I'm pretty sure he memorizes them after that.  He started to read board books the other day, you know ones with a sentence per page.  But who knows if he is reading or memorizing.  I'm glad I spent the last year watching Electric Company with him on PBS, because now I know how to explain the reading rules to him in a kid friendly way. We learn so many useful things on PBS.  Brent always rhymes, but I never thought about it until PBS told me to.  Silly me. J loves to rhyme, and I swear anytime he think he isn't getting enough attention and Brent and I are paying too much attention to each other he says, lets rhyme.  He way more into writing than reading.  He also likes to count.  He will count to 99, then count by 100s, then I guess by 1,000s.  He eventually gets to 9,999.  I know he skips a lot, but he usually does it in an orderly fashion. Once again he normally does this while Brent and I are talking, so I'm not sure what pattern he uses.
Did I mention yet, I'm goal is to teach him how to tell time this summer.  He has the hours down, so I have to work on minutes.  I refuse to teach him how to read a digital clock, he can pick that up after analog.  Then again we don't really have any analogs, just the microwave, computer and cell phones.  Way back in the day I got a work book for telling time at the Dollar Store, but I didn't let him use it, I let Nan scribble in it instead because it taught digital first.  I don't know if I'm going to buy the kumon telling time book, or just teach him on a clock that has minutes printed on.
That being said, don't think I'm tooting my own horn, he is 5 and can't buckle his seat belt.  We should probably work on that too.  But I never remember until I'm in a rush.

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