Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Back :(

J had his last day of preschool last Thursday.  Yes, its two weeks before we leave, but its a long story a mother's decision, and it involves spring break.
Then we got in the car and drove to our new house.  It was the first time the kids got to see and they love it.  It was in better shape than I remember, and now that I own it I have fell madly in love with it.  (Before I was trying to stay unemotional, trying to make a financial decision, not an emotional plea.) 
We went out to make sure it was still there, and clean it.  We now have a garage door opener!
I still think the outside of the house is dated but as Brent wisely pointed out, it is.  Apparently it was the first one built on the street. 
The whole interior needs to be repainted, and they hung more pictures and anchored more things, than I would think was possible, and this is saying something coming from me, I loves wall hangings. The house is 12 years old, and other than a few really bad paint jobs, it hasn't been painted since it was built, which means the walls looks very sad.
First thing we bought as silly has it sounds was a TV stand at walmart. Its all set up and waiting.  Eventhough our TV is mounted on the wall.
We bought a fridge, we went back and forth between finding one on Craigslist and buying one new.  We ended up buying one new.
We bought pergo for our dining room.  Ideally we would have matched our dining room floor with our kitchen floor since they are really the same room, but that would have been an extra $1000, and so we decided to save that for another date if we decided.
We also bought a bathroom vanity for our master bathroom, because that really was dated and I hated it, and my husband was being nice.  Not to mention there is a big hole in the bathroom linoleum so we figured if we are going to replace, we are going to replace, we have tile to match. 
We got enough tile to replace the tile in the kid's bathroom while we're at it.  There vanity isn't hideous and dated, but the wood is water damaged.  I don't know if we'll buy a new one or not.  Ideally we would put the wood of our vanity with their counter top, but I'm not sure things work like that. 
We checked out ward.  And now we are back to finish packing and such.  Brent also has a few finals.  I want to go home.  I miss my house :(

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