Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rock Show

We went to the rock show, do you wish you could have come? My kid and his grandma along with others hunted for free unpolished gem stones, curesty of some government outdoor agency.
My daughter sat in a stroller looking homeless sucking her thumb. I wandered around marveling that I'm sure the rock show hadn't changed since I was my daughter's age. All the signs were made with markers and stencils.
My son got a grab bag of rocks for a dollar, he had more than I expected for a dollar, peterfid wood and such, and even "a piece of golden". I looked around for beads I might want to make jewelry for, I saw every table multiple times with no luck. Near the end I found some really really pretty stones, bluish greenish, clearish, not clear stones. The table was marked 50% off, I thought score. Until I realized the stones were $240 not $24. I didn't buy them. Even if they were only $120, I didn't even buy the not as nice string that was labeled $120, which would have ONLY cost $60. I only brough twenty not three twenties. Plus I did already spend a dollar on "a piece of golden".

Then afterward we were having so much fun we figured a birthday party would be a great way to end the day.
All the triplet cousins all born on the same street a month apart for three months are now all four. Bye bye three. I didn't think I had enough threes in the last sentance.

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