Thursday, April 15, 2010

Duck Pond

I took my daughter, my son, and the girl next door to the park tonight after dinner. Because of the warm spring weather everyone seemed to be out at the park, many with dogs, although no one else with small children, the playground was ours and ours alone. After seeing the duckless duck pond, we wandered over to see the horses, while there a lady came up with her dog. She commented on the nice weather, then said her dog loves children. The children, including my 16 month old proceeded to throw-- drop the ball for the dog to catch, for the next 10 minutes. The kids enjoyed it and the dog was extremely patient. The dog owner seemed pleased to watch the kids throw the ball to her dog. Not in a creepy way, but as in a three small children laughing and jumping are fun to watch. At one point as in aside she uttered, "You are so lucky", when she first saw the kids she something to the same effect, although I can't actually remember the exact phrase when she saw my son and the girl next door yelling messages across a drainage pipe under the dirt road.
Its true I am extremely lucky, even if only two of those three children are mine. I have beautiful, healthy, smart children, who have equally blessed children to play with. Although I could easily list a few dozen reasons I'm so lucky, I clearly do not know exactly what this woman meant by the phrase. Maybe she was nostalgic for young children instead of older, she was middle aged. But yet maybe, she did not have her own children, she did refer to herself to the dog as mom. (Yes I know that is not a mutually exclusive thing.) The dog owner was an extremely fit women who I was impeccably dressed for working out, and so I could assumed would be more so in normal clothes, and although she may have a whole brood at home, based on the way she watched the children, I doubt so. It was nice to be reminded by a friendly stranger, how blessed my life is.
(Even if my assumptions are wrong.) The point is a very nice women very much enjoyed watching my kids play with her dog, and reminded me how lucky I am.

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