Thursday, April 1, 2010

I did it!

I decided to join Shannon's blog cult following. I did this yesterday, but it took me this long to upload. I know I was suppose to upload every hour, but I didn't. I have spare time during my day, but not always spare time I can just use the computer, without multiple little bodies climbing on my lap. I know you can't actually see any pictures. You will have to click on the picture for that. But I thought it might be more fun this way, or annoy Shannon about blogger even more. The whole reason I did it was I thought maybe posterity might be interested what my daily life is like in 2010? Maybe not, but maybe its a nice break from my depressing introspection of my life? Who knows. I just became disappointed it doesn't say March 31!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Cool way to display it too. I'm so happy to see people's daily lives in ways you don't normally see. So fun. Thanks for doing that! And I didn't quite make it every hour. The only way it was possible for me was because Justin was home most of the day so I could hand him the baby & then post my photos which ALWAYS took longer than expected. And I kind of cheated because we made my day way more interesting than it normally is but what else could I do? Just post pictures of the computer desk all day? Haha.