Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Late to the Fight

I know we all heard about BPA for years now. (Years right? my life goes that quick, right?) But really don't we have enough to worry about-- what we say to our toddler and how it will effect their future therapy sessions, what preschool and when to start and how it will effect their future SAT scores. So that is not what I worry about but none the less there is sooo much to worry about in the world, its not like I start a brigade to fight with everything that pops up in the news. I mostly ignored it, I did throw away a lot of sippy cups at that time, but only because I didn't want both kids in sippy cups at the same time. I made a mental note to only buy things a little no BPA symbol like non smoking sign. But other than that, ignored it.
A recent TIME article talked about plastic poisoning us, but seriously I don't want to be a pyscho worried mom so I thought yes I know, I try to limit our plastic, and just glanced at the pictures as I went to the next article. By limit I mean I don't heat the kids food in plastic, but everything I feed them is served on plastic. That is limiting right?
Then last week my husband said throw away all our old plastic and buy new stuff for the kids with out BPA. Really? Since when does my husband jump on to fad phase? We don't buy organic food. Ok, sure next time I'm at the store, I'll work on it. I've not been worried about it, but my mind is obsessively organized even if my house needs to be vacuumed. I could tell you right now where every single piece of plastic in our kitchen without being in there, I could tell you where I store it in the kitchen, and whether it has BPA or not.
So today when I picked up the TIME, I read the article this time. By the way my husband decision was in no way effected by the TIME he didn't even realize there was an article. So to me this was the rule of two. When I came back into the kitchen I was ready to throw away every single piece of BPA plastic. Enough so that since all the large plastic cups (that I use) are not BPA free I drank out of sippy cup without a lid, since all the glass cups are still in their box unpacked. I mean I do plan on having more kids. Now I'm sure every few years as we get more and more concerned about toxins I will have to totally re-buy my kitchen. But oh well, I fear my son's future reproductive health, with all the BPA he has been exposed to, he was born, before the fad started in the US. I drank out BPA Naglene bottles obsessively day and in and day out during his gestation, all his sippy cups had it. There was been no ill effect yet, BPA leaks synthetic estrogen into us, and phthalates mess up the endocrine system. So if my son develops breasts I'll sure I'll blame plastics. But more realistically if his future wife has problems getting pregnant, I'll blame my naglene bottle drinking, because well that's the type of mom I am. Don't worry now, blame later.
How about you, do you care about BPA? What do you kids eat their food on, I'm sure BPA free plastic still isn't that great. Nor is anything else, you don't think your glassware and stoneware have chemicals laced in them. I mean isn't that the definition of pyrex? Specially treated glass that can withstand high temperatures? Which is why I don't worry too much.

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  1. Sigh. It seems everything's going to kill us. I guess we should try our best to make changes as new research and improved products come out but just try to live normal lives still. I think it's good to have some things we care passionately about to fight against, but we've pretty much created a synthetic society full of chemicals, and I'm not sure how we're going to get away from that any time soon without having to give up conveniences that we're just not going to give up as Americans.