Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I Awkward?

By the way while I was falling asleep last night, I realize this post in itself, and the question at the end, proves that I am awkward. Such a direct question is awkward. Turns out my husband is right, dang it!

Tonight during dinner my daughter could not handle the pizza sauce on her hands for one more second. And since it was easier to wash them, then to wash everything within arms reach of her frustration, I obliged. While washing I was looking out the window, I exclaimed the missionaries are here. My son said where? and ran to the patio window. I said you have to look out the front door. I didn't mean the missionaries from my church were here to visit me, I meant they were here to track (looking for cold contacts). The only contact I've had with LDS Missionaries in this state is when they are cold contacting and ask me if I'm attending church. I really didn't even expect to talk to them. Unfortunately when my son opened the door they assumed my apartment was the one for them, without checking addresses. They politely asked for his mom. My husband followed me to the door. What proceeded was an awkward conversation as the missionaries tried to politely figure out if I was their appointment.
After they left and we sat back down, my husband said missionaries here must have weird stories in this state. I personally disagree I think missionaries here probably have nothing on small third world villages in terms of unheard stories. Nor are there many drunks wandering around the streets at all hours of the day like many large cities.
I didn't bring all this up, we proceeded to have a disagreement about whether we were awkward. I said why are we awkward? He said number one we don't have a tv. My son quickly pipped up, and added, yes we do, we have lots. They are both right. We don't have a TV, but we watch our fair share of tv, more hours than a care to admit on my blog. I can keep up with celebrity chit chat, and most major TV shows, so I don't think I come off as too weird. I really can't remember his next point. But he proceeded to tell me, I have been awkward ever since I met me.
Once again, I don't know if that is a fair statement, I don't remember meeting him for the first time, nor does he remember me. I do know the first month or so of getting to know him, he was often with a girl that would flirt with him so shamelessly that I felt like a third wheel, and felt like I was interrupting something private. Turns out she was almost engaged to another guy.
Anyway, I've never thought of myself as particularly awkward. I know I am introvert and would prefer to be at home than at game night most of the time. But awkward? I guess my mother's praise, led me to think I was usually quite friendly if I choose to be. Sure I choose to be introvert more often, and there has been plenty of times that I'm not friendly. But awkward? I told him, if I'm awkward I've been married to you too long. You are the one that enjoys make awkward statements.
So truth be told, am I awkward? Will anyone even read this post in its entirety to know that I'm asking the question am I awkward? Please tell me the truth... not just false politeness.


  1. I haven't ever thought of you as awkward. I will admit I think you and I are different but if I was to describe you to someone else it wouldn't include the phrase "awkward."

  2. Writing "I have been awkward ever since I met me." was pretty darn awkward.

  3. I read the last line and didn't read the rest. I guess the answer to your question is no. I will not read the entire post knowing that you are asking if you are awkward. :) I still think you're great!

  4. Ok. I read the whole post now. I wouldn't have described you as awkward. You can never account for other's, however. Perhaps people think I'm awkward too. Relish in it.