Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fulfulling Expectations

My husband and I watched some of our nieces and nephews on Friday night. My brother in law informed me he expected a review of the night on my blog. Here are the pictures. They brought pizza, we had the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'm not quite sure if anyone understood the point. I did enjoy it though, and the animation, and it keep everyone occupied except for my almost 16 month old. My oldest nephew said it didn't follow the book. The best scene was when the Fantastic Mr. Fox comes across the wolf. After the movie I fed them my cupcakes.

Then Uncle Brent and them played SNES games. I thought it was a pretty good deal because they only brought 4 kids instead 5.
Before they came my neighbor watched my kids while my husband and I bought running shoes. It has been so long since I've bought a good pair of athletic shoes, actually never. The last pair my mom bought for me when I was in high school. Not to mention, my feet grew inbetween my children's pregnancy. Aren't they suppose to grow during, not a year before the second pregnancy?! So finally two years after the growth spurt I have running shoes that fit again. My husband felt so inclined in the store that we should take up running he got some too. The employee helping us, told us we should definitely take it up, we have the right body types for it. But then again he might have just wanted two commissions instead of one.

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  1. Right on! Thanks for the review.
    Hope you get to use your running shoes.