Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids Musuem

We also went to the children's musuem, my kids love it. We made a whole adventure of the day, we left too late to not eat lunch out, and too early to eat lunch at home.
So we went to the coveted mcd's for lunch, my kid took an hour to eat even without a playplace. Then after the museum, we hopped on the train for two stops, walked another block, and picked up some mother's day presents. I can assure you, I don't want to be a urban mom. More power to my sister, I like my suburbia, and my car.
I love this!
My kid is digging in cork with some archeologist in the background. That cork was a nightmare, I had to sweep up my bathroom after baths were over, and then had to vacuum out my washer after that load. The whole washer was covered! Who vacuums out their washer?!
We did have a super fun day. On the way home we listened to Indian music on the radio. I figured we needed some culture. Plus, I like yoga, I like Bollywood movies, they liked it so much, the fell asleep in the car. They were so exhausted that they slept from 4:30ish, until 7:30. I sewed and crafted during that time, it was a nice break. They woke up we ate waffles for dinner, they had a bath, and I put them back down, before 8:30.

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