Friday, April 30, 2010


My husband apparently decided this was the year to improve himself. He is working at reading the entire standard works this year, "since he hasn't done it since his mission" and he started doing some exercising before his scripture study. Since he was exercising, I figure maybe I should too. I have wanted black yoga pants for sometime, but its hard to find them in my size, so I thought if I exercise at least four days a week for a month than I'm going to spend the small fortune to buy them. I made it! I made it! Whoot Whoot! I get to get new work out clothes! My calendar for April is covered in stars. Well half way through the month it warmed up and long yoga pants were too hot, so I've been wearing some gray capri yoga pants. I decided instead of spending the small fortune on long and lean boot cut yoga pants I'd get some black capris. The great thing is I got some a Ross for only $9.99, I tried on 8 pairs, and the ones I liked the best were the cheapest! Whoot Whoot again. I am so proud of myself for working out so regularly. The last time I worked out this regularly was high school Aerobics class (I'm not so much a team sport player, so I had to find PE classes to fit graduation requirements that was almost willing to to do.) I feel great, even though so far I have been blessed with not putting on weight my energy level has definitely drop over the years. I was amazed at what 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise has done for my energy level, I feel better than I have in years, since I was in college, hiking across campus all day and walking up three flights of stairs multiple times a day. Hopefully I can keep up my regimen, and get some more new work out clothes next month. I'm trilled with myself!

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  1. Great job! I'm going backwards. I just bought some new workout clothes but I haven't really worked out yet. Fitting it in during the day is hard (although I need to just prioritize it) and I'm up til 2 AM or later working at night.