Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More of the same, blogger gave me a bad request

For some reason I could not get all these pictures on the same post no matter what I tried. So here are the pictures in two post. My children are hunting eggs, we, left over from the pervious weekend. This happened a few weeks ago. My husband did not let them eat the fruit roll ups.
Make sure you put your finger in the snake.
All of this was at the botantical gardens.

Here I am waiting for the magnolia tree to bloom, they are so pretty in bloom. We went about a month too early to see anything flowering.
See we went here last year, and saw this bird. Turns out we missed like 3/4 of the garden area last year, I think it was closed from a wedding actually.


  1. why couldn't they eat the fruit roll ups?

  2. We didn't know who or where the eggs came from. The outer wrapper was removed and then still roll snack was shoved in the egg. So the food part was expose. I would have taken the chance of poisoning without even realizing it, but my husband grew up by drug dealers. So he is a little hardened.