Friday, January 15, 2010


I have done yoga three times this week, it has definitely helped my goal of not being a crazy mommy. Today I did it this morning while the kids were awake. My baby was slightly confused at what I was doing but then she got the hang of things. When she laid on her belly and lifted her head. She squealed to make sure I noticed that she too was doing cobra like her momma. Everyone was proud of her including her brother. She was so proud she rolled over, laid on her back, and laughed at herself for about 5 minutes. I guess that was final relaxation for her.
Children are natural yogis, and naturally do poses all day long but today was the first time that my daughter ever purposely did a pose for the sake of doing a pose. It was pretty funny and cute.
You may wonder how yoga and relaxation can coincide with my children running a noise making cash register toy, and pushing a doll stroller in circles around me (DI was good to my kids yesterday). But I figure that is the ultimate test, if I can relax around their happy chaos. Plus I'm not one for exercise, so I figure I have show a good example the few times a year I do actually exercise.

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  1. We have started getting the dvd's from the library for Yoga and Pilates. IT has been fun to do it with the kids. I like the ones that you use your baby as a weight. Only my baby keeps wandering off when his part comes.